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NYCity2 / The city of urban desires

NYCity2 is an attempt to redefine the city based on the desires of it’s own inhabitants.  For this reason a platform is created which hovers above the city unrestrained by the limitations of the conventional urban fabric.

NYCity2 does not use any sort of official city planning tool. It’s form occurs from the accumulation of desires, which is not affected by any sort of institutional restrictions. A reverse system of city planning is formulated using as it’s sole design tool the individual perception of the inhabitants, freed from the reluctance of reality.

Simultaneously a smart phone electronic application allows the real time navigation in the construction of the new New York City. Through it’s reverse design function and the freedom which offers NYCity2 constitutes a mirror through which we can gaze at the city of our desires.


*if your profile privacy is "locked" then only your friends will be able to see that desire.

if you want everyone to see your desire then change the privacy terms into visible by anyone or become friends with mycity2







Fill in the communication form describing the attributes of your desire.

Your desire is channeled to NYC architecture offices which undertake it’s formulation and placement on the hovering platform.

You can now click on your chosen square in order to see your desire becoming true in NYCity2.

NYCity2  calls for architects who want to participate in the design of the new New York City.

The administrator of NYCity2 will notify the architects of the existence of a desire application, which they will be able to formulate. The formulation should consist of a sketch up document, which will be able to articulate the volume of the architectonic desire, as well as an image expressing the atmosphere of it’s urban experience.

As soon as the architects send in the formulation of the desire, the sketch up document is placed on the platform of NYCity2 serving also as a link through which the architecture offices can direct the visitors to their web site, informing the public of NYCity2 about their activities.

You can now click on your chosen square in order to see your desire becoming true in NYCity2.